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  1. I’ve found references to Depriest Mtn. and Little Depriest Mtn. on some older maps, but more recent maps seem to have “converted” the names to The Priest Mtn and Little Priest Mtn. You can understand my interest in the names as I’ve been researching the Depriest family for over 30 years. They go back to New Kent Co., VA, in 1689 and earlier. One branch settled ca 1761 on Lynch Creek on the North side of the Rockfish River; another branch settled on Rucker’s Run about the same time. Although there are a great many land records involving both branches, however the one who lived along the Rockfish did not leave a will nor any land records involving his descendants. He was Langsdon Depriest and he died around 1800. I just wondered if the mountains were named for him or the other branch. Also along the Rockfish was a Willliam Depriest who died 1784 who had a son John who went to Kentucky ca 1800. It is assumed that Langsdon and William were brothers. I have studied maps from the US Geological of Amherst and Nelson counties and could not definitively decide whether the two mountains in question belonged in Nelson or Amherst. The various deeds for Langsdon and William’s lands mention the Rockfish Meeting House as well as the headwaters of the Rockfish River. William Depriest and his son John ran a tavern or inn around the time of the Revolution somewhere near Loving’s Gap. I would very much appreciate any help you can share regarding the names of the mountains and the origin of such as well as any information or references to help me place Lynch Creek along the Rockfish. Thanks very much. Pat King

    • thank you so much for the additional information. there is work underway to create the South Rockfish Rural Historic district. Glenthorne is one of the most significant properties in the Valley . The rittenhouse diary is a wonderful source.

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