Harris Mill


The Harris Mill at Wintergreen VA was originally built the late 1880’s by the Gannaway Family and was known at that time as the “Mill at Slaughter” according to local resources. Approximately ten years later Alexander Hughes purchased the mill and country store. Grover C. & Kate Harris purchased the mill and store in 1915. The family continued to operate the country store until 1960. The store closed approximately in 1970. A few years later in May 1973 a project know as the Big Survey was completed and a company by the name of Cabot, Cabot and Forbes from Boston, purchased some 13,000 acres to include the Harris Mill and Country Store at Wintergreen. The country store was then renovated into a realty sales office for Wintergreen Development and the resort. The have placed the mill wheel and grinding stones in the Mountain Inn.

Source: Mark and Danita Harris in Heartbeats of  Nelson