Rules of the Road

1. Slow down to the speed of the vehicle as soon as you see a slow-moving emblem.

2. Watch for hand signals, and determine whether the equipment operator is preparing to turn.

3. Pass slowly and deliberately, watching for other traffic and sudden turns. Don’t pull back into the travel lane too quickly.

4. Never pass farm equipment in a no-passing zone.

5. As you get around the farmer and his farm equipment, flash him a big smile, give him a thumbs-up with your free hadn, and, for good measure -if he’s a man an you’re a single woman- call cheerfully out the window and ask him if he’s single. Oh, go ahead -we dare you.

Levering, Frank. Welcome to the Country, Things You Need to Know When Moving to Rural Virginia. Ballyshannon Fund, Charlottesville VA, 2008.