Beech Grove


Lying at the head of the Rockfish River and at the foot of the Three Ridge Mountains is the community of Beech Grove.

Beech Grove was given its name by early settlers who gathered near the grove for church and community activities such as trial meetings. The first community gatherings were probably on a bottom on the old Hughes land. The firs church gatherings may have been in the open.

Beech Grove is known for its old homes. The Maphis Campbell home was built by Davis Coffey in 1885. The lumber was all dressed by hand. Mr. Coffey used to run a gristmill and a sawmill on this property. People would come for miles to have their ground and for some it would be an all day trip. T.W. Hughes ran a country store in Beech Grove and later a post office was located here after being transferred from Aylmer.

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