Bryant School

Bryant school educated children of Hat Creek Valley from 1921 to 1938. It was erected on property sold to Nelson County by Richard Nelson Wood and his wife Mary Bryant Wood. The deed provided that the Woods had first option to purchase it from the school district after school was closed. The school had two classrooms facing west, on the present Route 151 roadbed. Ti was built close to the ground with double doors. Windows were on the front and each end. No windows on the back accommodated the blackboards. The folding between classrooms allowed conversion to one room. In 1921, 36 students sat together in 13 long seats with a desk. Sharing a common chimney, stoves near the center of each room provided heat with wood students brought. Burn marks present on the floors verify these locations. In 1938 to accommodate the roadbed of the new highway 151, Bryant School was moved 40 feet back onto concrete pillars. In 1932, only one schoolroom was used since the other was temporarily occupied by the post office after its former location burned. The school closed in 1938 after school consolidations, moving students to Fleetwood School in Roseland.

In 1940, Mary Wood purchased back the half-acre lot with the schoolhouse. Renovations changed the school into a home.